quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015

To love

You know love is really what you need most. So love yourself and do whats good for you. When you realize whats good for you there is no way out of not doing what feeds your soul and your heart. You can hide but you cant ignore your own self destruction. So you just do what is good for you. And if you don't know whats good for you try Ashtanga Yoga, try Iyengar Yoga, try mantra, try praying, try running, try biking, try painting, try to play an instrument, try, just try anything and eventually you will know whats good for you. And stick with that everyday. And do that with love, dedication and just like an everyday prayer with gratitude. And if you still don't do whats good for you maybe you need help because your own guilt from being who you are is destructing who you can be. And you can be.