terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2015

Breath dance flow

Breath dance flow and let go always with the feet on the earth and the spine towards the sky like a tree in a living melody with eyes and senses wide open to the present moment. With the eyes and senses in the dance, with the feet and ears hearing the music of the earth feeling the great mother earth energizing all the body and spirit. To dive and to offer your air your breath your life your soul. To flow with the music and dance with your feet your senses your breath your soul. To feel. Just to feel your feet in the ground your breath your body your heart. To listen. Listen to your hearts music and go were you can find peace and be. Just be. Be you and me. Be everything. Dive in everything every being. And forget everything you think you know. Then be and listen to what you have to offer to the world. And be it this channel to offering whatever Mother Earth gave to you that you have to offer and blossom the life within you me and everything.   

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